Susan HOU



Susan HOU

I always felt like I was intruding on others when I knocked on the door of a participant for the first time. It is an odd moment that repeatedly puzzles me. Thankfully, as when visiting many other families, I was met with a ‘sunshine’ smiling face when I visited Susan HOU [侯關慧言]. Susan is a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong. Born as a war baby in China in 1937, she moved to Hong Kong in 1950 and then to New Zealand in 1965 with her husband Lawrence HOU [侯欽賢].

We spent the whole morning talking about her life in the different places that she had once lived. Speaking in Cantonese brings us close together, like good old friends. When I asked her about the Queen's Service Medal that she was awarded in 2009, she modestly replied she has given it to one of her grandchildren and her service to the Chinese community isn’t worth mentioning. She would rather talk about her four sons and their families.

On the wall, she hangs a series of four panels of Chinese seasonal flowers, spring orchid, summer bamboo, autumn chrysanthemum and winter plum blossom. For Susan, what she cherishes most are the symbolic meanings of these flowers that represent the different qualities of a gentleman. High up on the top of the shelf at the corner wall, she displays the photographs of her sons Sam [志明], Tim [志斌], David [志輝] and Andrew [𠎀] — the four gentlemen.


King Tong HO






墙上挂着四张一套的中国四时花卉屏风画:春兰、夏竹、秋菊和冬梅。她珍视这些花卉所代表君子四种品德的内涵。而墙角高架上,放着她四个儿子:志明、志斌、志辉和志杰的肖像 — 四 君子。








牆上掛着四張一套的中國四時花卉屏風畫:春蘭、夏竹、秋菊和冬梅。她珍視這些花卉所代表君子四種品德的內涵。而牆角高架上,放着她四個兒子:志明、志斌、志輝和志傑的肖像 君子。