Stan & Ivy LAY



Stan [黎太來] and Ivy (nee KWOK) LAY [黎郭麗梅] were born in Wellington and Napier respectively. They have four children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. They have had fruit shops in Temuka, Greymouth and New Brighton and market gardens in Marshlands and Avoca Valley with Stan’s brothers (Wray and Alan) where they grew some of the best hot-house tomatoes in Christchurch at that time. Even today, Stan directs the growing of vegetables in the back yard of their home.

Our parents are very fortunate to have witnessed phenomenal technical advancement in their lifetime such as the development of steam power to electric cars, manually-operated telephone exchange to cellular network, gas stoves to induction cooking, air & space flight…landing a man on the moon, radio to television computers, hybrid plants, organ transplants, locally owned grocery & fruit shops taken over by supermarkets, phasing out of cash and recording on shellac discs to digital.

Stan has always had a keen interest in motor vehicles and horse racing and is very knowledgeable in these fields. Ivy always had a flair for sewing and knitting and has made many, many garments in her time. Both currently enjoy relaxing, reading, watching television and entertaining visitors.


Margaret NEWDICK



Stan and Ivy LAY

Entering Stan [黎太來] and Ivy [黎郭麗梅] LAY’s home, I was captivated by a display of greetings that they received from friends and officials when they celebrated the 70th anniversary of their marriage on the 22nd September 2013. Among them are messages from Queen Elizabeth II and Governor General Rt Hon Sir Jerry MATEPARAE. In their nineties, Stan and Ivy spoke with a strong voice about their past. Stan once returned to Canton in 1926 at the age of four and lived there for 10 years. Ivy experienced the devastating earthquakes in Napier in 1931 and Christchurch in 2011. She was at school when the quake hit Napier and in bed during the Christchurch quake.

Stan and Ivy have brought up a daughter Margaret [黎悄霞] and three sons; Dennis [黎燕山], Gary [黎燕榮] and Jeffrey [黎燕華]. Before meeting the couple, I already knew from Margaret that there aren’t any objects of Ivy’s or her family’s that survive the two quakes for the photo session. Luckily, as always, there are family photographs that are valuable to the family.

Initially, I photographed Stan and Ivy’s portrait with them sitting back-to-back, facing at opposite directions to suggest that they have been supporting each other throughout their life. I was however, inspired by the Chinese saying “Husband and wife look” [夫妻相]. After a couple have been living together for a very long time they begin to look alike. As such, I have chosen a pose where they are hand-in-hand, alike in their facial features and their caring smiles.

To echo the portrait, I have chosen a collection of photographs that represent the different phases of their life. One could also note the transitions in the history of the family through the technological style of the photographs from sepia toned through black and white to hand-tinted colour then photographs printed from colour film.


King Tong HO



黎太来和黎郭丽梅分别出生在威灵顿和Napier,他们共有四个子女、九个孙和九个曾孙。他们曾在 Temuka, Greymouth 和 New Brighton 开设蔬果店;曾在 Marshlands 有果园、与兄弟 Wray 和 Alan 共同拥有在 Avoca Valley 的果园;同时又在基督城种植最受欢迎的家植番茄;甚至今天、父亲仍在家的后园指导种植蔬菜。








踏入黎太来和黎郭梅的家,首先被列著的祝物品所吸引。它来自朋友及官方、庆贺在二零一三年九月二十二日婚七十周年念,内里包括来自伊利沙伯女皇二世和Rt Hon Sir Jerry MATEPARAE 言。九十多的黎太来和黎郭梅以雄亮的声音细说往事。黎太来在一九二六年、他四岁时、回到广州住了十年。黎郭梅曾经历两次灾性的地震,就是一九三一年在 Napier 和二零一一年在基督城的大地震。在 Napier 的那次、她在学校,而在基督城的一次、正在牀上睡。他育有女儿黎悄霞和三名儿子:黎燕山、黎燕荣和黎燕






黎太和黎郭梅分出生在威靈頓Napier,他共有四子女、九個孫和九。他曾在 Temuka, GreymouthNew Brighton 開設蔬果店;曾在 Marshlands 有果兄弟 Wray Alan 共同有在 Avoca Valley 的果;同又在基督城植最受迎的家植番茄;甚至今天、父親仍在家的後導種植蔬菜。








踏入黎太來和黎郭麗梅的家,首先被陳列著的祝賀物品所吸引。它們來自朋友及官方、慶賀他們在二零一三年九月二十二日結婚七十週年紀念,內裏包括來自伊利沙伯女皇二世和總督Rt Hon Sir Jerry MATEPARAE 的賀言。九十多歲的黎太來和黎郭麗梅以雄亮的聲音細説往事。黎太來在一九二六年、他四歲時、回到廣州住了十年。黎郭麗梅曾經歷兩次災難性的地震,就是一九三一年在 Napier 和二零一一年在基督城的大地震。在 Napier 的那次、發生時她在學校,而在基督城的一次、則正在牀上睡覺。他們育有女兒黎悄霞和三名兒子:黎燕山、黎燕榮和黎燕華。